Online Voting

We are moving to electronic voting for all future elections or required membership voting processes.

As electronic voting is a relatively new process for us, we will also provide workplace balloting as a secondary alternative, when we do require it. Workplace voting times will be posted (when we do have them) in each work location, but again, we urge you to make electronic voting a success by participating online.

Through the tireless efforts of Michelle, Paula and Joe, we hope this will be a seamless process. We encourage members to take advantage of this fast, secure and modern method of casting your ballot and hope that you will help to make e-voting a success.

How It Works

If you have an email address registered at the local office, you will receive an email giving you an Elector ID, which is your PIN# and a randomly generated Password. You can vote directly through these emails, as there is a link at the bottom of the email, or you can follow this link (Click on the Simply Voting image below) and type in the Elector ID and Password from your email. (This link will remain on this website even when there isn’t an active vote taking place.)

Unifor 4285 Voting

We would ask that prior to a vote taking place, please update your Voter Profile here

If you don’t receive an email come election time, and you have registered your voter profile, please check your JUNK MAIL or SPAM FOLDER.

Introducing Simply Voting

This is the software used by Unifor 4285 to conduct online voting. It makes voting more convenient, less costly and friendlier on the environment.

How Simply Voting Works

  1. Click on the Simply Voting logo above to get to the welcome page. Then, submit your PIN and Password.
  2. If your login was successful, you will be shown a menu listing all current ballots in which you are eligible to vote. If you have not yet voted, you may click on the ballot name and an electronic ballot will appear.
  3. Once you submit a ballot, the results are encrypted and stored in a database. Your PIN is then flagged as “voted” and will not be eligible to vote on this ballot again.

Unifor 4285

Privacy and Security

Simply Voting was designed from the ground-up to eliminate the risk of electoral fraud. Voters who bypass authentication or have already voted are denied access to the ballot, and ballots are checked for validity before being accepted. Nobody could ever find out what a particular voter has voted as the results are stored anonymously.

Communication between your computer and our website is encrypted with TLS 1.2. Our servers are “hardened” and are routinely subjected to PCI Compliance security scans. Our application code adheres to guidelines set out by the Open Web Application Security Project.

For More Information

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