Committee Members

The role of a Committee member is an important one. The committee members and officers are the team that develops and implements the committee plans and activities.

Effective Committee members:

  • Educate themselves on the purpose of their committee.
  • Attend committee meetings and participate.
  • Offer facts, opinions and suggestions to the committee.
  • Make recommendations on projects for the committee.
  • See that goals are completed successfully.
  • Gain skills to assist in their responsibilities.
  • Are willing to compromise.

Unifor Local 4285 Standing Committees

Constitution & By-Law Committee
Paula Hurley – Passenger Services
Joe Young – Deck Department
Vacant – Engine Department
Billy Walker – North Sydney Maintenance
Dan Slaney – PAB Maintenance
Grievance Committee
Paula Hurley
Mitch Hennessey
Mark Andrews
Ryan Symes
Billy Walker
Dan Slaney
Sick Fund Committee
Donna Smith
Nancy Theriault
Wanda Brogan
Joe Young
Graham Philpott
Labour Management Committee
Ryan Symes – Passenger Services
Rhonda Martin – Deck Department
Vacant – Engine Department
Dan Slaney – PAB Maintenance
Billy Walker – NS Maintenance
Collective Bargaining Committee
Brian Jobes – President
Mitch Hennessey – 1st Vice President
Mark Andrews – 2nd Vice President
Laurie Tremblett – Passenger Services
Rhonda Martin – Deck Department
Nelson Miles – Engine Department
Health & Safety
Paula Hurley – Health & Safety Representative
Jim Parsons – Alternate
As per the Unifor Constitution we would like to establish the following Standing Committees as well. If you find yourself interested in getting involved, please reach out to the local office or your local president.
Recreation & Community
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Workers (LGBT)
Young Workers (Under 35)
Health and Safety